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the premiere event for the timelapse community - worldwide


"Timelapse" has emerged
as a significant form
of creative expression
which is instantly recognizable

With the broad availability of timelapse-capable cameras and equipment, many 'first-time' filmmakers are creating amazing results. The audience for Timelapse films has grown worldwide as well. Timelapse is a rare form of creative expression which crosses all language barriers - and brings inspiring beauty to viewers around the world.

share your timelapse film with the world

2018 submissions - opens january 15, 2018



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World-Class Panel of Judges 

The Timelapse Film Festival Judges are renowned for their passion, creativity and leadership in the Timelapse art-form. Our 2016 Judges included:

Godfrey Reggio
Director of the Qatsi Trilogy
Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi. 

Tom Lowe
Award-Winning Cinematographer
and Director of "Timescapes"

Gunther Wegner
Inventor of LRTimelapse,
the software which created a revolution in Timelapse Filmmaking.

Gary Yost
Noted Timelapse Filmmaker/Photographer and
Driving force to incorporate meaningful narratives within the Timelapse art-form.

Peter Bill
Professor of New Media and Interdisciplinary Arts at Western New Mexico University
Timelapse Experimenter and mentor to many emerging filmmakers.

2018 Film Festival Categories

In just a few short years, Timelapse has expanded to encompass a broad range of topics

NATURE at risk

 city - a day in the life


Virtual Reality

documentary / social commentary


2018 Prizes 

(Our 2016 Prizes included)

Best-In-Show - Kessler TLS System 3-Axis

2nd Place Overall - Kessler TLS System 1-Axis

3rd Place Overall - SmartSystem Motion Control

4th Place Overall - Rhino Camera Gear Gift Certificate 

Top 3 Winners in each Category - Trigger Trap

2018 Schedule & Awards Ceremony

Open for Submissions

January  15, 2018


March 21, 2018

REGULAR Submission Deadline - $50 per film

June 5 2018

EXTENDED Submission Deadline - $70 per film

June 17, 2018

FIlm Festival / Awards Ceremony

August, 11-13, 2018
Southern California

The top 3 winners in each of the categories will be shown and
awards will be presented by the judges, including the Best-in-Show Award. 

The Awards Ceremony will be followed by a Panel Discussion with the Judges.



The Premiere Event for the Timelapse Community - Worldwide