2018 Timelapse Categories

With the volume, and quality, of Timelapse films being produced,

we have created a number of categories to help showcase these diverse offerings - 

and to show the world what the Timelapse art form is capable of expressing.

NATURE at risk

Timelapse films showcasing the outdoors, around the world, or in outer-space! - and how they are at risk

city - a day in the life

Timelapse films which showcase scenes of people and cities.

Virtual Reality

Impress us with your Virtual Reality film. 


Students have been creating some amazing films - Now is your chance! 

assignment - "Tell Me a Story"

This year, we have created an assignment. Show us your interpretation! 


All visual arts contains a message - and Timelapse is no exception. Think 'Koyaanisqatsi'.


Timelapse is still in its infancy. Show the world what the Timelapse art form is capable of expressing! 

The World is watching!

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