Welcome to the 2018...

the premiere event for the timelapse community - worldwide


The theme of our 2018 Timelapse Film Festival
is to showcase films which use timelapse techniques to

Tell Me a Story!

We are looking for more than stunning visuals,
we are looking for you, as a filmmaker, to tell a visual story.

You have the viewers attention,
now is your chance to not only entertain
but to inform. 

The world is watching! 

share your timelapse film with the world

2018 submissions - opens january 15, 2018



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our On-Line Community Partners

World-Class Panel of Judges 

The Timelapse Film Festival Judges are renowned for their passion, creativity and leadership in the Timelapse art-form. Our 2016 Judges included:

Godfrey Reggio
Director of the Qatsi Trilogy
Koyaanisqatsi, Powaqqatsi, and Naqoyqatsi. 

Tom Lowe
Award-Winning Cinematographer
and Director of "Timescapes"

Gunther Wegner
Inventor of LRTimelapse,
the software which created a revolution in Timelapse Filmmaking.

Gary Yost
Noted Timelapse Filmmaker/Photographer and
Driving force to incorporate meaningful narratives within the Timelapse art-form.

Peter Bill
Professor of New Media and Interdisciplinary Arts at Western New Mexico University
Timelapse Experimenter and mentor to many emerging filmmakers.

2018 Film Festival Theme & Categories

In just a few short years, Timelapse has become a powerful medium for conveying ideas. Our 2018 Theme is: 

Tell Me a Story!

We will be looking for films which inform our viewers with a message. Our 2018 categories are:

humans and NATURE 

 living in the city

documentary / social commentary


student assignment "a day in the life"

2018 Prizes 

We are still rounding up our 2018 prizes!

(Our 2016 Prizes included)

Best-In-Show - Kessler TLS System 3-Axis

2nd Place Overall - Kessler TLS System 1-Axis

3rd Place Overall - SmartSystem Motion Control

4th Place Overall - Rhino Camera Gear Gift Certificate 

Top 3 Winners in each Category - Trigger Trap

2018 Schedule & Awards Ceremony

Open for Submissions

January  15, 2018


March 21, 2018

REGULAR Submission Deadline - $50 per film

June 5 2018

EXTENDED Submission Deadline - $70 per film

June 17, 2018

FIlm Festival / Awards Ceremony

August 2018
Southern California

The top 3 winners in each of the categories will be shown and
awards will be presented by the judges, including the Best-in-Show Award. 

The Awards Ceremony will be followed by a Panel Discussion with the Judges.



The Premiere Event for the Timelapse Community - Worldwide